Monday, August 22, 2011


While I was bringing in the pooch from watering his favorite tree I noticed a rabbit very close to the house.  She usually hangs out in the yard or in the driveway.  When she finally noticed me noticing her, she took off.  I called to the love of my life to come see how close the rabbit was, and that's when I noticed the hole!  And the stuff in the hole was moving!  WE HAVE BABIES!!!  We got close enough to see that they don't have any fur and their eyes aren't open yet, so they are pretty new.  I didn't want to totally freak them out tonight and it was getting dark, so photographic evidence will have to wait until tomorrow.

We've dealt with baby bunnies in our yard several years ago.  The way the Mama rabbit takes care of them is hiding them pretty much in plain sight.  They have no odor, and the Mama only nurses them 2-3 times a day.  She stays far enough away, but close enough to draw any attention away from the nest on her.  The bunnies are old enough and have the instincts to leave the nest at around 3 weeks of age.  

I can't wait to share pictures!!!

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