Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Dance

I am doing a happy dance!  Had a great visit with my surgeon yesterday, and he freed me from my Velcro prison - as I see fit to do so.  I came right home, stripped off the blasted boot and tried to take my first steps in over three months.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  I psyched myself totally out and ended up doing a half shuffle thing for two feet.  But, I guess I set myself up for a mini-fail.  I was in a sock on a not very padded Oriental rug that sits on a ceramic tile floor.  A couple of hours later I put on both of my trusty old Asics and walked around the house.  It was the weirdest sensation that is difficult to describe, and my foot felt as light as a feather.  Today I woke up, put on my shoes and haven't been in the boot all day.  I have also spent the majority of the day sitting around doing some work for the family business and haven't had to walk a ton.  I definitely see myself continuing to use the blasted boot for a few more weeks when I have to do a lot of walking and while working for the majority of the day.    

We did take a trip to the post office and to Publix for some ice cream.  I parked in my gimpy spot, walked in the door by the ice cream aisle, walked down the aisle, picked out my Starbucks ice cream, checked out and walked back to the car.  That was by far one of the hardest parts so far.  I have lost so much muscle mass over the years with all of my ankle issues, and now even more with this latest surgery.  I have very little control over when any type of nerve pain strikes, and there are all sorts of little nagging pains in ligaments, tendons, and very, very weak muscles.  I am also very aware that my walking will be a lot different than before.  I had the large up and down joint in my ankle fused 6 years ago, but still had that next joint down that was able to give me movement and give and take in my walking.  Now I have nothing there.  I'm totally fused down to my heel, and I fear this is going to make learning to walk normally a little more difficult for me this time.  I plan to push myself though - I have to or I fear going down the rabbit hole of the ultimate pity party.

I finished my USF course this week!  Yay for me!  All I have left is my case study and my final exam.  I should have the case study completed by the end of the weekend and then get that final done next week.  Once this class is over, I can dedicate more time to making something out of this blog, because it's quite boring with me just rambling on all the time.  

I haven't ventured out with my camera this week as I had planned.  We had some massive rain the first part of the week and it was just too hectic.  Maybe tomorrow morning while the light is good I can get something in.  Speaking of tomorrow,  I am really looking forward to lunch tomorrow!  My bestie and her husband are coming up and we are planning lunch with her parents on the water!  Should be some fun laughs and a great way to spend a hot, Florida summer afternoon!

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