Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Months

Two months.  

Seems like a relatively short period of time, but so much can happen and did in the two months since I have updated.

The two most important things of great interest were a trip to the beach and major ankle surgery - in that order.

We spent Easter weekend on relatively quiet little beach just south of Venice.  We never really spent much time sitting in the sun or relaxing in the water though.  We were hunting the non-elusive shark tooth again!  You could barely take a step without seeing the shiny black triangle just sitting on the sand!  It was relaxing we came away with a nice addition to our growing collection.  
I think we both have come to love that little part of Florida as well.  It's a nice sea side community without the big commercial flair that so many places have.  It's quaint and quiet, but had an abundance of activities to occupy everyone, from art to sailing to shopping to music to golfing - it's all there.

Ankle surgery.  Unfortunately, for me, it's a common phrase in our household.  I won't say how many exactly I have had, but let's just say I can still keep it to one hand.  I'm two weeks into my recovery and feeling better each day.  I am still extremely tired, but the pain had gotten so much better!  Tomorrow I get out of this blasted heavy splint and into a more manageable fiberglass cast.  I'm almost giddy over it!

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